New Army Wife, Sending Letter Questions To Husband Who Is In Bt

Hi i am a new army wife and i dont quite know everything about the process about it. My husband will be leaving for basic training very soon and i heard i will not be receiving any of his letter for two weeks and vise verse.

So i was thinking if i could write a letter  for him to read once a day for those two weeks until he gets my real letter that i sent him from home.

Is he allowed to bring those fourteen letters to his basic training with him?
Is it a good idea to do this?
Will he get in trouble for bring them with him?

Also, i did not know how i should write a letter to him.
Will other people be reading his letter before it gets to him, so that means i should not write anything embarrassing to him?
Or can i write him, what i what to write him?
But the thing is, i dont want to give him a hard time with the guys, if they make fun of him because of what i write in these letters or if his drill Sargent opens his letter in front of everyone and reads it out loud.

Do they do that over there?
And if so, how should i write to him? 
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they are right however, the best thing to do and what i did with jon, is write him a letter that he can read each day until he is able to actually write you back. which takes about a week to two weeks. and if i remember correctly they are allowed their phones on sundays for about 3 or 4 hours after church. hope this helps :)

the drfill sargents are not allowed to read the soldiers mail but they can with hold it.