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Im almost 18 and my boyfriend is in the army. Right now he is in Italy and being deployed in july. We are getting married in December this year. I miss him all the time. I am a navy brat so im used to my dad being gone but i dont know what im going to do not being able to see my husband in person after december untill june when i graduate. He is the one i want to spend the rest of my life with he is my airborne soldierĀ 
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Thank you both and congrats to ya'll too. Yes i am still in high school i graduate in june. We are getting married December 22nd

Congratulations! Being away from your boyfriend/fiance/husband stinks, I know. My husband is in AIT in Virginia right now and it's so hard being away especially since we got married 2 days ago! It does make it better talking to people going through the same thing. So if you ever want to talk to someone I'm here (: