Lost and Alone

Well to start off I am not a wife yet but will be after this deployment. We have been together for 5 years and it has been an up and down road. We met online while he was deploed last time and we just fell in love and he moved to IL to be with me when he got home. then we moved to TN to get a good start because he re-uped in the guard to get us some good start money but then dad got sick so we went back to IL. after he was feeling better my boss down here offered me good money to come back to TN so we took it and then he happened to get a hernia so he was out of work for like 5 months and that was befor the deployment. When he got better we found he was leaving for training a week later. So for about the last 6 months everyting all the bills and all have fallen on me but I did what I had to including working 5 jobs to get us by now he is gone to Iraq again and I am alone in TN by myself no family very few friends and hanging on by a string.  I know things will be ok but that is after he gets situated ver there and he will take some bills off my back but in the mean time I am still working so much I fell like I am gona fall out and the stress of missing him  and not being able to talk to him yet is like a weight in itsself that I cant get out from under.

puppytech puppytech
26-30, F
Apr 6, 2008