In Love With An Army Man.

I'm christy 21 years old, i have a 2 year old daughter, and i have been with Jimmy since the beginning of October 2011! When Jimmy and I first starting talking he said how he wanted to go back to the army, but everyone told him to wait it out a few months and if he still wanted to go back then to go! i told him i him i would support him if he went back or not. He did 3 years and 19 weeks right out of high school. He is an infantry men and 82nd airborne. When he finally decided he wanted to go back to the army a month and a half ago he re-enlisted for 6 years!!! but like i told him i would support him 110% with anything with the army. so we spent as much time as we could together before he left this morning (January 12,2012). i knew things were going to hard watching him leave but i had NO idea that it was going to be this hard. what made things even worse was his mother.. the original plan was that i was going to take him to the hotel for MEPs and then his family was going to come out the next morning for his flight out at the airport.. at the very last minute i was told that his mother didn't want me there and only his family could be there.. i found that a little unfair and heart i drove to his hose 45 minutes before he had to leave his house. all morning my 2 year old daughter was asking for Jimmy, witch totally broke my heart even more. so he is in Fort Benning, GA for 15 weeks for basic training then he'll be able to come over after he graduates for however long they'll let him and then he has to go back to where ever he is being stationed, if he doesn't get deployed seeing how he is Infantry. The plan right now is that at week 10 he wants to fly me down for the 36? hour family day, and then at the end of the 15 weeks when he graduates ill drive down to watch him graduate!! and if everything is still good between us and we want to continue being with each other he'll move my daughter and i down to where he'll be stationed.
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I hope it all goes to plan for you! x