I Go On

I wake up in the morning
and for a moment you're not gone,
until I reach beside me
and I don't feel your warmth.
That's when tears start falling,
but soon enough they pass.
I cannot stop the smile that forms
when I recall your laugh.
And though my days seem empty
without you here with me,
I know I'll see your face before too long.

So I go on
like we've never been apart.
No matter what the distance,
you're close within my heart.
Yes, I go on.
It's easier said than done,
but sorrow cannot steal from me
our moment in the sun.
I go on.

There are still some moments
when I give into despair,
but time cannot erase the feel
of your fingers through my hair,
or when I laid beside you,
the sound of your heartbeat.
Ev'ry memory of you
is just so bittersweet,
but I would never give up
a single day of your love
to avoid the pain now that you're gone.

I go on,
and I count my blessings too.
My life is so much sweeter
because I was loved by you.
Yes, I go on,
even though I miss you so.
A long as you are in my heart,
I'll never let you go,
and I'll go on.
AvidDreamer AvidDreamer
31-35, F
Apr 5, 2012