An Army Wife.......again

Hello all, my name is Hope and just became an Army wife for the second time.  No i didnt get re-married, My husband just joined for a second round of fun. 

My husband was in SF for 4 yrs and found me about 2 years in.  We have been married for almost 7 years now, and my husband was just picked back up o be a warrant office/pilot.  I appologize at any time if i sound like i dont know what u am talking about when it comes to my husbands new duty.  I became well known with the SF life as a wife and now i find myself in unfamiliar territory, this will just give me something else to read up on and become more familiar with the life i am getting into.

My husband was out of the military for about 4 years.  I cant tell you how hard it has been for him to find a good career in something that he was meant to do.  After 4 years of hearing the word no over and over, he decided to apply again back into the military and said he would only go back in if he coukd be a pilot.  And he made it.  As some of you may know, the civilian life for an ex military member can be very hard on them.  It was a very trying 4 years for not only my husband, but myself as well.  My husband was so consumed with the need to take care of me and to find a good job that he left me behind for a short time.  As hard as a seperation can be it meant for me starting over.  We separated for about two months and in that time my husband needed to realize that he was not a failure, he never let me down, and he finally realized i was behind him no matter what he did.  As hard as it was, i am almost greatful to have went through that.

So here we go again as i have said for the past few weeks.  My husband will be leaving in August to begin WOCS and i will be able to follow in October.  I cant wait to move and to start our life over and see what happens.

Some views on being an army wife, its a life for those only meant to live it.  You have to endure it, accept it, ad love it all at the same time.  I know that i will be away from my husband for long periods of time, that will take trust, courage, for both of us.  I remember his first deployment after we got married.  The lonliness that came with it was heart wrenching, and i thoght at the time that no one understood it.  I was 18, alone, and living in an unfamiliar town with the loudest neighbors on earth.  Although he was only gone for two months, i was glad when it was over.

What am i looking for here?  i have been looking for some type of support group to maybe help me understand what will happen.  Everything is unpredictable, i know, but i will still ask.  We will be at Ft Rucker in Alabama for at least two years while he trains.  After that i have read that he will immediately leave for an extended deployment but im really not sure if that is true.  Im also here to support others.  Im nota pro at any of this but i know feelings, and i know that i would help anyone cope with the same things that i have had to cope with.

And especially, if anyone is on here from Ft Rucker, give me a shout!!

HopePittman HopePittman
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1 Response May 18, 2008

Thanks for supporting one of soldiers - and thank him for serving for us. Wish i could be of help but was never at Ft Rucker myself. I do hope the best for you both.