Married While He Was In Ait...he Had Bed Check At 10

Met my sweet husband at home with no idea of his military future. i am 32 and he is 25. He was the opposite of what i thought i wanted...but everything was so easy with him..everything just fit. when we moved in together everything just fit! i told him i couldnt do the military life so id leave him if he joined..well, guess i was wrong...couldn't live without him so we got married..funny thing is now all Im doing is living without him..he is now in Korea and we are waiting for me to get sponsored and figure out how to bring my 2 cats over.. Y am i so mad at him all the time.. Im so upset he experiences everything without me.. How do i handle this...coolest i could join him is 2 months..I have already done 7 months 3for basic and 4 for AIT. Please how do I do this and not get mad every time he is happy when away...I feel like Im pushing him away and don't know how to pretend Im ok with it.. does anyone else get mad ??? I love him and want him to miss me more than anything.. I used to be a confident independent woman.
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Why don't you skype with him and enjoy what he enjoys daily.I know another army wife that does that nightly.They skype and spend hours together looking face to face and talking.<br />
One thing you will find out fast is if he doesn't make time for you to do that then he is having too good a time out their on his own living it up single style.<br />
IDK if this is the best suggestion you will get but it could help.Take care thanks for sharing.