Going To Basic In October!!!

I recently got married. He is going for Basic in October. :( I've been thru basic before with a ex a while ago with the Air Force, so I have an idea of what to expect. I was raised around the Military so I'm comfortable with most things. But now I am a wife?!? I feel like its all so different and scary as what to expect...
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My husband is in Basic now... It's really hard because we have children and one of them is a newborn... We can't talk on the phone for long periods of time most of our communication is thru writing letters... It hurts because he sounds so sad most of the time but I tell him to keep his head in the game and hell be fine... I really miss him & I'm sure he misses us as well... I haven't slept in our bed since the day he left I just can't fall asleep without him next to me but I'm making it work... I spend most of my time being a mommy, writing to him, doing homework and working the baby weight off... The good news is I get to see him in less than a month when he graduates and I get to spend the weekend with him before he goes to AIT I'm soooo excited about that... I'm not going to tell you it's not hard because when your use to being with the man you love everyday it's going to be hard to see him go but just remember he's doing it for the love of his family and his country :) Good luck

Are you asking what to expect? If you are willing to move often and to places that are less desirable, and be alone a lot due to long hours then I would say you'll be just fine. I can give you some advice woman to woman, I am a soldier and have had to hear tons of men complain about their wives or gf's. there are certain things when it comes to military that you have to know in order to make it work. the more knowledge and patience on your part will make a WORLD of a difference