Amry Wife With 3 Kids

I'm a wife of an amry man who is away at the time and I am here with our 3 little girls. Its sucks that my husband is gone an wont be home til the end of the year cuz we've been away from each other for 6 monther b4 he went to war. I pay every day that he is going to return home to us. I'm so crazy in love with him that when I dream of when he comes home my heart starts to race but then I wake up an see that he isnt by me an I cry cuz it felt so real. I mean, GOD did a good job on answering my prayers, he gave me a family. What more could I ask for but that my husband comes home safe. I am so ready for his return.
SonjaHagan SonjaHagan
22-25, F
Jun 11, 2012