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My name is Tanya 22 years old. I recently just married my solider whom I dated for a year. He will be deploying next month, this will be our first deployment together. I'm inexperienced with deployments I'm looking for advice on how to stay sane lol. I'm already fearing and expecting the worst. Currently in Afghan there have been some casualties that I personally know. I have heard stories about the men and women of our military sleeping around to put it kindly I was wondering if there was any truth to that. Any advice will help do much TIA
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My hubby has told me the same. I've asked around everyone had said its gotten way stricter about male female relations. So I'm not worried. I know my husband when he lies. At first I worried as soon as he left he kept wies about calling me so all doubts and worries went away. If you have questions email best reguards Tanya Corriea

I know how u feel, I just got married to my soldier 2 wks ago n all those thoughts run thru my head also. I have been told by many just to keep busy n not think bout how long he will be gone and also they r there to do a job with minimal contact with other females, I personally don't know whether to believe it or not. I know what my husband has told me n keeps saying I have nothing to worry bout that I'm all he ever wanted n wouldn't do anything to mess it up but bn 1000's of miles away n ur wife n 4 girls r home makes me constantly question things. If u need someone to talk to I'm here feel free to msg me anytime