I Hate Sleeping Alone :(

Hey, hello there my name is Tygress

My husband is in Basic and I miss him so much. We have three children together and my youngest son is 8 months old. He left in May and won't be back until the new year. I cried all day the 1st couple of weeks that he was gone gone and couldn't sleep a wink. I slept in our bed one day after he left and can't bring myself to do it again even though I made a pile next to me of the hoodie he always wore and a couple of shirts just so that I could smell him & pretend he was there so I could fall asleep. My friends call me crazy but no one understands what I'm going through right now. I can't speak to him on the phone and it takes forever to get his letters because he's in OK and I'm in PA. I write him so much that I memorized the address and it's like six lines long lol... I joined the group because I wanted to befriend other women who are in my situation and can understand why I feel the way I do :) Maybe not the hubby pile but everything else lol.

Nice to meet you❤❤
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My husband is in fort Benning. He just left July 10th & we have 2 young girls together. It's a very hard adjustment...I spray his cologne on his shirt or my pillowcase so I can fall asleep sometimes

hi i know exactly what your saying i may be younger and all but i still understand. i am brand new to all this my fiance just left yesterday to ft benning, GA im in CA its so far away. i may not in dept as much as you are but im here to say i understand the sleeping situation although i wanted to nothing but be around his stuff and sleep on his side if the bed.