Marriage Slowly Falling Apart.

My husband and I got stationed to Fort Myer, VA last August, Thats when everything went down hill. I thought this move would be good, We were located at Fort Drum NY and he had recently returned from Afghanistan. He is non deployable here, Good right? Wrong, he hates it here. He isnt the man I married, He is bitter, miserable and I have not seen a smile on his face in god knows how long, We are expecting our first child together and I have to force him to get invovled, We do not kiss anymore, or anything. I feel like my world is falling apart. Im trying to stay strong like Im supose to but how long do I hold on before its just done? I love him to death but he isnt the man I married and I hate feeling like I have to walk on egg shells in my own house. I thought this was the best thing for us and now I think its ruining everything. I feel hopeless. :/
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Give it a year. My husband was acting in a similar way a while back because his chain of command was being ridiculous and saddling him with all sorts of extra responsibilities and they would never appreciate him and pretty much abused their power in a disrespectful way. Now, a year later, we are PCSing to another ba<x>se where he will be able to do his REAL job, the job he enjoys and has a ton of training for. He is in a much better mood now. You are just in a rut, it will pass in time when he has another PCS. I agree with pickle88 about trying therapy. <br />
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However, if there is any physical abuse whatsoever, get out now. I sincerely hope there isn't.<br />
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Good luck, I hope things get better!

try therapy?