My Husband Left For Bootcamp & I Just Found Out Im Pregnant

I'm 19years old have been married for 5months me and my husband have been together two years . We have talked everyday for two years i guess whats killing me is the lack of communication . Plus i just found out I'm pregnant ! My husband could b gone for 6months which means he's going to miss everything involving the baby . I just need advice about how to cope w/this b/c I really miss my husband & i dont wanna get depressed .. any advice ?????
MrsParker2010 MrsParker2010
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2 Responses Sep 6, 2012

Congratulations about the baby! Its wonderful news, even though the timing is terrible. I'm in the same boat. Me and my fiancée found out we were pregnant just before he went on tour for 6 months. What helps me to stay strong is keeping myself busy and being with friends all the time. Its not easy going to midwife appointments without him, but just remember your not on your own! You have a wonderful little life growing inside you. That little life is a part of him, so no matter where you go over the next 6 months a bit of him will be going with you. Stay strong and dont let those crazy pregnancy hormones get you down xxx

Stay strong for God is with you through all things, though your husband may not be there God is. Watching over you and your baby, and aslo your husband while he is away.