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I am an army girlfiend recently turned army wife! I have made the move to his base which is about 3000mi away from everything I know. We couldn't be happier to be together but I definitely need some help as far as how to get involved in the army community. We do not live on base but I would love to develop a solid group of friends who are going through all the same things I am but am unsure of how to go about doing that. We live in Alaska, yes it is VERY COLD lol, so I sometimes feel it is a little harder to meet other army wives due to the harsh weather that makes people huddle up inside. I have found several websites that are helpful but I would love to hear from some of the ladies on this website about the things they have done or currently do now to support their husbands on a day to day basis, cooking, laundry, etc. I do not have a mother figure in my life so I feel a little lost without that fall back when I come across something that I am unfamiliar with handling.
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Get up early with him. I know, it sucks but it gives you that time together and then you can make him breakfast etc and believe me it helps your relationship.

Keep the house neat. The disorganization seems to stress them out from what I've seen and you want them relaxed at home

Let him help around the house. It helps them feel needed

Do charity/volunteer work :) that's how I met a lot of my friends. Doing it on and off base is important

Exercise groups are good too. My girl friends and I do little boot camps together and Zumba :)

I don't think you have kids, but lol ill be honest it helps make friends!

Book club? I have a book club on my base...

Husbands friends wives? Men in his units wives?

Online groups? Do they have an OCSC?

Church groups are good too if you're religious