The Start Of The Army Life

My name is Amanda. My Husband and I have known each other since high school, but we were not together in high school. I moved around a lot when I was in high school, and didn't graduate from the school that I knew him from, Well i moved back to the town that I went to that school with him with in 2010 after graduating high school somewhere else. I was on that "plenty of fish" website just looking around one day with my friend and I come across this picture of this guy and I swore he looked so familiar so I send him a message and told him that he looked familiar and he said that I did also. we started asking each other questions trying to figure out where we knew each other from and then we discovered that he used to ride my bus in high school. I was a sophomore and he was a Junior. Then we laughed about it and decided to met up again and turns out he lived about an hour from where I was now. He came over and we talked and went out to dinner and were just friends for about 3 weeks and then we started dating in Feb. of 2012. we became un-seperable he was always around and I was always around. So we drove back in forth to see each other for about one month and then he decided to quit his job at the time and move in with me, we have a great apartment. He was looking for a job one day and then we just happened to stop by the Army recruiting station & the process began he became attached right away. They got all of his stuff done and was being sent to MEPS in May 2012. So we planned on getting married but not right away of course because we didn't know how all this Army stuff worked, then we did some more researched and discovered it would be easier to get married before he left to bootcamp. So he went to MEPS in May and passed everything and enlisted. we got married August 28,2012. we just did the little courthouse wedding because I didn't have time to plan this huge wedding that I wanted. So his leave date for Basic was set for November 19, 2012. Which now today it is December 2,2012 and He left November 19. I know its only been 2 weeks but its crazy being around someone 24/7 and then not being around them at all with barley any phone calls or letters. He comes home for christmas exodus on the 20th and I'm so excited. i was doing so great at first when he left because i knew he would be home for Christmas, but i still have my moments like tonight where I just cry for no reason other than missing him. we are happily married and We love each other to death and we both support each other in what we want to do he knows that i just want to be a mom and he wants to be a solider and i support that 100% i am all in for this I know when you become married to someone in the Army you are not just married to that person you are married to the Army. I just miss him a lot sometimes and I know the hardest part about being an Army Wife is the time spent away from each other, and I know that this is just the beginning, but I'm so excited for our life together and our future together, I cant wait to meet the awesome and exciting people that I will come across in our journey ahead! I just kinda wanted to share my story and get some of it out there :) thanks for reading :)
im 20 years old now and will be 21 in March and my husband is 22 <3
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Your story is a lot like mine. My husband and I became friends in middle school and in high school kind of lot touch. We started talking on Facebook and then started dating. Inseparable. Engaged after 6 months married at 9 months and pregnant right away. We have a strong marriage. My husband got laid off twice so we decided the army was it. He left nov 12th for basic and also got leave for Xmas. He doesn't have schooling after which is nice. He got under the skilled civilian program. He left yesterday to finish his last 40 days of basic. It sucks not having him around. Where is husband doing his basic at?

haha wow so alike!! My husband is doing basic at Fort Sill In Oklahoma. he just left back on Jan 2nd. to finish basic but then for his AIT in San Antonio is 16 weeks but im moving there during that time.

Are you going to see him graduate? My husband is at fort Jackson South Carolina. They call it relaxin Jackson but our luck he has super strict drill instructors. All the other platoons get to call home every Sunday not his platoon. We move to Hawaii after my husband finish basic. I can't wait for that. It's not having them around that totally stinks. Does he get to call you at all or just letters?

yeah i am going to see him graduate in February from oklahoma. haha no my husands platoon doesnt get to call home on sundays their platoon always gets in trouble. i get alot of letters though. I am moving to Texas while he is in AIT, so i could be closer to him, then when he finds out where we will be stationed i will go with him then also. and im just gonna get a apartment in texas for the 16 weeks and then i can break the lease with military orders. so it works out ok i guess haha. hawaii lucky!!!!! yeah them being gone sucks bad! :(

My boyfriend just graduated basic and is now at AIT in Virginia 6 hours away from me. Even now that he got his phone back it's still so hard to be away from them for so long, especially since you're used to spending every second of every day with them. I know the struggles you're going through, and i'm not going to tell you it's not going to be hard because it is, but it will get better. It will get easier to deal with and you'll become so much stronger than you ever thought possible. Just remember that in the end all of this will be worth it and the two of you will have a better life because of it. Enjoy your time together over Christmas exodus. I know I sure am excited for my boyfriend to come home for those two weeks (: and stay strong. It will all be over before you know it.

Thank you so much for your support and help! :)

I remember the tears keep your head up sweetie :))

Thank You :)