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SO I don't know if anyone still gets on this page, but ...

My fiance is currently deployed. He is getting back at the end of spring, and we are getting married on his following leave. After that - he is heading to Fort Bragg. Currently I am going to school in Idaho. I have been thinking of moving to Fayetteville with him and transferring schools to Fayetteville State University. Or possibly taking a break from school for two years until he gets out of the army. Then of course there's the option of just quitting (not entertaining that one too much).
It is just frightening to not only move to the other side of the country, away from family and friends, but to also transfer to a different school.
I'm not yet sure what to do ...
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1 Response Dec 6, 2012

I completely understand how you feel. My boyfriend just got his orders that he's going to be stationed in Kentucky. He comes home in a week for Christmas and then goes back to AIT to finish his training before he leaves for his duty station. I'm 90% positive he's going to propose to me when he comes home and is going to ask me to marry him and go live with him in Kentucky. I'm so nervous about it. I'm in my first year of college now and there's a college near the base that I could go to, but this is a really big step. and exactly how you said, it's so far away from your home and all of your friends and family and the thought of transferring to another school scares me. But being without him any longer just might kill me. .. If you figure out what you're going to do.. let me know, lol.

After lots of thought, I'd decided to go for it. I'm moving to North Carolina ! Life is too short to think too much (: I'm trying to find online universities to transfer to, but if all else fails I can go to Fayetteville. It's a huge step, but it is definitely the right one.
Good luck to you ! And early congrats ? (: