Best Friends Forever. Literally

My husband, Aaron (born in 1990) and I (also born in 1990) have been married since December 15, 2012. We dated for a long 5 months before getting married. However, he and I have known each other and have been friends since we were middle school. So we did not rush by any means. :)

We first met in middle school and really started becoming friends when he and my best friend at the time were "going out." In high school, we were friends but did not spend much time together outside of school. It wasn't until the later years of high school and college that we were inseparable and attached at the hip. It was with trepidation that our dating relationship started. He had been in love with me for years and yet he always respected my decision for us to never date, for I feared our friendship would end if something ruined/ended our relationship. I am happy to say I made the right decision after thinking about it for a few weeks, when he brought up how much he wanted to be with me and I said yes.

He never officially proposed to me. haha :) We had talked about it but I did not think he was serious until he surprised me by taking me to Zales to pick out a ring.

I had known he was deploying since he was informed himself earlier this year; and so we got married quickly- but not quietly. He and I just wanted to go to the courthouse, yet the parents did not agree. So we had a small wedding with just family a week after we told them we were engaged. We will be having a bigger vow-renewal ceremony once he gets back from deployment in Summer 2014.

In December 2012 alone, I got engaged, graduated college, gotten my first place, and got married. We only had a one week engagement, which I was out of town for, I might add. Once we were married, we were so busy, we did not have that many days to just enjoy being together, and only had three to four days in which we did not have to do anything. We did not even get to have a proper honeymoon.

21 days into our marriage, Aaron left for Drill (He is an MP in the Army Reserves) for the weekend, in which he was to leave immediately for Medic School to be EMT certified, and then deploy to Afghanistan.
Happily, he got to come home and surprised me only 22 hours after he left for Drill. (We did not think he would be able to come home at all until I met him at Send-Off). The not so happy part was that I had to say goodbye to him a second time, three days after that.

I will not see him again until the end of March 2013; in which we will have 4 days before Send-Off, where he will be gone for an additional year.

Well... that is where we are right now. :)
I am barely holding on being away from my best friend.. and it does not help that the worst is yet to come. We talk multiple times a day, but it is not the same.
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Just stay true to him. Your man is a catch. Someone that waited for you for so long and finally put the ring on it. DANNG. =D
Be strong. It's your turn to wait for him. =)

Oh, I plan on it. :) I know that I am lucky.
Thank you!