My Husband Is Recently Deployed

My husband and I have almost been married for a year now. (I know, not very long, but a battle) We knew each other for 5 months and then were engaged. Then a few weeks after we got engaged, I became pregnant. Discovered so in February. Decided to get married on May 27th. It was a hard time adjusting to being an army wife. I did not know anyone in the army previous to meeting my husband. So I didn't have a clue on what life is like dealing with a 24 hour job. We had to live an hour away from my hometown. I am a mommy's girl. So that was also hard to get used to. Blah blah blah. We both knew that deployment was ahead, from the start of our relationship. Just never knew when it would happen. He left in April and it has been so lonely without him. I have our 7 month old son to keep me busy, that's for sure. But after he's asleep at night, the loneliness sets in. Especially at bed time. I was so used to having him home to cuddle with. He is affectionate, which I was not comfortable with for a while. But I miss it now! He's supposed to be deployed for long time. I am home now with my family, but I still feel like no one knows how I feel. I hide it. I cry myself to sleep usually. I cry after he calls me. I cry when I receive a letter from him. I cry when my son laughs because his daddy isn't here to share the joy with me. I have friends, but they have their own lives and relationships that keep them busy. I saw this site available on Myspace and decided to join mainly to find other women who know how I feel. Truly how I feel. Want to e-mail me, go for it. I'm a good listener. :)
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Hi - Just went through your mail. Did your husband come back and how do you feel now? where he was deployed? how was his experience. i would like to know truly.

my wife and i got engaged on the first nght we meet(call me crazy) but so had a 1yr 6mounth old and was 9weeks prego. we got married the next month knowing that i was deploying in 6 months. Right know i am over seas and i see the other peoples relatonships feel to **** in the first mounth but not ours, Why? bec i would call her every chance and we both know in our minds i will be home soon enough. Stay strong and know that us married soldiers are thankful for our loyal wifes at home and we feed off your strength. When people thank me for my service i tell them thank my wife for being my strength to do it! Thank you loyal wifes

That was such a beautiful piece of writing The unknownmaster. I haven't seen things from a soldier's point of view. I am waiting for mine now. I miss him terribly. He always writes that I keep him going. That I give him a reason to keep going. Your story was so moving and humble. Bless you. And Thank you. You all do an incredible job that not every one can. Good luck with you and yours.x

I understand how you feel my daughter was a month old when my husband was deployed right out of AIT. I don't think I would of been able to handle it as well without having her there with me to remind me that this will make sure she has everything she needs. It made it hard bc he wasn't there for her firsts but everytime I looked at her I knew I had to be strong bc we were doing this for her. My husband is back home now but deployment was hard I think it was harder to say see you later when he had to go back from his two week leave that he had during deployment than it was when he first left. You get use to having them there again and before you know it it's that time. I hope you have your husband back soon.

Night time is the worst no matter if they are deployed are away for training....I HATE nights with out him next to me....its very hard, i dont really sleep when he is away unless im at my moms.....but hang in there hun. we all must hang in there and get through it.

Welcome to the page girl!!!!!!!! Im Elise a Army National Guard fiance & I will be getting married this July, since like the last year has been some what of a whirlwind on you. We are here for you and i know its hard being away from your man but you can do this hun. We all get through the day in some way or another- some go to school, some work, some stay with family. we all cope in various ways but we understand this life & what its like to be patient & wait. My husband will be deploying early next year and it will be our 1st im not ready for it, but i will lean on GOD..and cry when i need to...& be around family.

oh, this made me cry. :[

I am new to the whole being married to a soldier... My soldier got deployed in july 2010 and i was in the hospital due to a car accident... I was also pregnant with our now 1month old son... he will not be home until July 2011 and he only got to come home for a few days on r&r but trust me i know how you feel... I miss my husband more then anything...

i have been an army wife ever since my husband joined almost 9 years ago in those years we have done three 12 months deployments and one 15 month deployment so 4 deployments all together and we are almost on number 5 he leaves in may of 2011 to do his first deployment in afganistan.. for the fist 7 years we didn't have kids and right before the last deployment i gave birth to our first child. so i know how it is with out and with kids. right after he leave in 2011 i will be giving birth to our second child. i can say its a hard job being an army wife, but we have to stay strong for them. it will never get any easier to say goodbye for deployments or from R&R but they will get shorter and easier with time. there are actually alot of people who know exactly what you are going through. just stay strong.

I know how you feel, I just got started on this tonight!! One of my many sleepless nights. Although my husband is not deployed he is in Korea, but this is my first time without him!! We met when he was a recruiter in the town I live dated and got engaged in 2 years, I got pregnant and then we found out that he had to go to Korea. I could have gone with him but if I did we would of had to stay there for 2 years and we decided no. I have been home with my 1st child raising him by myself I too have had many lonley nights and have cried myself to sleep. I have so much I want to talk to people about that are in my shoes sometimes I feel crazy like I should be dealing with this better but not sure how. Would love to chat sometime maybe we could listen to eachothers stories sometime help the time go by quicker. :) I hope you are doing well!

Go army wives!! I am a wife who is also dual-military (army) with my husband and I can attest to most everyone's comments. Yes, the lonely nights suck more blow than Lady Gaga and Lil Wayne combined. Yes, there are not enough play dates and movie nights in the world to fill up an army wife's time. But I can say that there is no better feeling than when you search the hanger searching desperately for your piece of paradise. Once I get to hug my family and my husband I rest in peace knowing the sacrifice was worth it. That getting to feel him again next to me is worth the tears, the 20 page letters, the fuzzy Skype webcam conversations and all else in between.<br />
<br />
I wouldn't have it any other way. Us deploying so often has made our marriage stronger and pushed us to a greater level of personal growth and development we never thought we would get to on our own (or as civilians). <br />
Hang in there ladies (and gents who's wifey's are super bad ***).

retired wife here of 28 years. you will be fine. First you have to know you are not in this alone there are so many of you it is not even funny... find some one like you. They are needing some one like you too.Been there done that and it is not easy but it does get easier. a strong support system helps such as other wifes in your situation. Hang in there... MAKE YOUR SELF BUSY at any thing to pass time. Good luck

i can only imagine how you feel i mean i have only been engagged for a month and he is about to get deployed in oct and im so scared but like my mom alway says take one day at a time

i know how it feels. were in a simular boat! keep ur chin up!

its so hard. ive been through it too. the first 2 years of our marriage he was gone (through most of my pregnancy and more than the first year of my sons life) except for a couple weeks of leave. just remember he will come home. you will be a family again. just stay strong and DO NOT FIGHT over the phone. i know when we were both so stressed it got easy to argue. and this might sound dumb but go buy a giant cuddly teddy bear and name it after him......seriousely it helps a bit lol. make friends call your mom. and during every minute hes gone and not on the phone with you pretend hes just at the store or something. it helped me to not think about what was going on over there. i avoided watching the news and tried to think about other things. just stay strong! and dream about him :)

I am almost in the same boat as you are my husband left and wont be returning until feb 2009 and we have 2 sons 5 and 1 ... my days are usually ok ( today is a cry day though lol) but at night i sit and cry i put a shirt he wore before he left on his pillow and cuddle with it at night .... I dont have an address for him and I got one 2 min 13 second phone call which killed me more than helped me ..... but now when the phone rings I hope it is him even if it is only for 30 seconds.... but nothing ..... I wonder how long it will be this hard

My husband and I met on the internet, got engaged three months later and married three months after that. We got pregnant after a very rocky first year and had our son 11 months ago. I've been lucky enough to NOT have a husband who's been deployed, but I do know how lonely it is. I'm out in in NC and sometimes we both miss our family so much!!! Especially now that we have our son and they don't get to watch him grow up. We were seperated last year when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and it was horrible. It really gave me a taste of what being an army wife is about. Since I'm active duty in the Air Force, I never really understood it until last year. I laid in bed and ached for him, hated being alone in the dark, and realized who knows how I'll handle him being gone for a year. <br />
What you are going through is normal. Just remember he will come back!!!! Not to insult you, but don't do anything stupid like cheat on him to appease the loneliness to make things easier in the short run! Be strong!

I know how you feel my soldier was gone for 2 years he was home for 6 months and he is gone again for another year. He has been deployed 6 times and i still cry,its ok to cry and dont hide the way you feel share it with your friends and family thats what they are there for and if you want share it with us!I know you are proud of your husband so share it with others. Stand tall and be proud our husbands are hero's.If you need to talk im here

I know exactaly how you feel. I am going through my first deployment with my husband. He has been gone since Nov 06. I wish i could say it does get easier, but you and any other army wife knows it doesnt. If you ever need to chat, dont be shy. I found this site off of myspace ttyl...