Forever Away

I met my soldier in high school fell and fell in love not expecting to find my husband and soul mate. I then found out i was pregnant the day before he was leaving to finish his last five month term in military school. I patiently waited for him to come home so we could prepare for our daughter and be a family. Little did i know that he had signed up for the army before graduating. (i look back now and its not as bad i thought)Because of some unknown reason we had no contact at all for the entire three months he was in basic training.Our daughter was born two days before he graduated from basic training and then he was sent to job training for another five months!When he finally finished his training we had been separated in different states for a total of 19 months!

We are now stationed at Ft. Hood Texas and are doing ok. He is scheduled to deploy for Iraq in April for 12 months. He is a crew chief for the black hawks so its a little scary but it could be worse and i feel for those who do have it worse. but i guess i can be thankful that im no stranger to separation.



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3 Responses Aug 17, 2008

Hey one more thing if your in Fort Hood I would go back to my Jazzerise class they had child care on site and it helped me allot. I miss Hood.

Also here at Fort Hood. yes they atill have the AAFES furniture store here. Fort Hood is not bad if you aren't infantry. We are Infantry in an MI world here. It has been the worst command experience we have ever had. Our guys just arrived into Kuwait today. Third 12 month deployment. Time is a sacrifice you will make. Hang in there

i LOVED Fort Hood and we are hoping to move back there! Your so lucky! Do they still have the AAFES Funture store over by the warrior way commisary or did they shut it down? Girl you and your man should go to slado