Missing Him

I miss my husband so much,i have been through deployments too many times. But i love him more and more. He is my life. He wont be back until august 2008. I had him home for 6 months before that he was gone for 2 years.

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4 Responses Jun 28, 2007

My husband just left for bootcamp . We have been married for five months . Though its only been a few days since he left it feels like years & on top of it I just found out I'm pregnant !!! Smh . :'(

My husband leaves tomorrow for boot camp and then AIT training. It will be six months without seeing his face and there is no break in the middle. I know its not as long s if he was deployed, but what kills me is virtually no communication for a month.

He'll love all the messages and texts you send him while he's away. You guys could always write letters, me and my fiance wrote letters everyday and it helped me alot.

Wow that scares me so much! My husband has been gone for only 2 months and does like 9 month deployments. and i am already going crazy without him!

Find pease in knowing your love for each other, keep you memories fresh, write to him often, I know how you feel , My husband and best friend died 2 yrs. ago but he's with me always. yours will be home, you both will be in my prayers as all the men and women in the military. God bless and give you strenght.