Just Another Army Wife.

I've been an Army wife for about 2 and half years and grew up right next to an army post, so i've been around it pretty much my entire life. My husband has been deployed once and spends quite a bit of time TDY at the moment. We just found out we are expecting our first child in February and we are both very excited. Sometimes its hard, sometimes its great and sometimes I just don't know. I would definately have to say the hardest part for me is the time spent alone because making friends in this community isn't always as easy as you might think. But i'm very proud of my husband and of what he does and i'll continue to support him throughout his career.  But does anyone else ever feel like they just need a break?
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Wow, blast from the past! I was surprised to see a comment on something I posted almost four years ago. My little girl is 3 years old, husband deployed and came back, we moved and now i'm in school fulltime. Its amazing to look back on old posts, see where you were and then look at where you are in the present.

it gets stressful i wish i could lie and say it is easy, it gets harder when they deploy and you have to raise up the child and they miss out on special moments like the first time the baby rolled over little memories. In my experience my husband missed his daughters birth, he got permission to see her for 3 weeks and did not get to again until she was 6 months due to deployment. This is just one more responsibility as a military wife. <br />
Make sure to get enough rest when you are tired and are stressed and not getting enough sleep the baby can feel like a pressure, like a duty.

Army Navy and Air force all are deployed around the world, but it is common situation for all others countries not in the same extent, keep strong and proud for both of you.

i feel like i need a break everyday. when my husband first left i thought i had to be strong for him, our son, and the rest of the family. one day he called and i broke down. i cried for almost an hour for him and everything i was missing with him. I felt much better and not as depressed.

I definitely feel like I need a break sometimes. (My husband is currently deployed and it looks like it is getting extended again.) We have a son and I think it helps me to keep it together sometimes. You definitely have a lot to focus on when you have a baby at home. You are going to have so many exciting and wonderful things going on once your little one arrives. In the meantime, I think its important to try to pamper yourself as much as you can - - enjoy long showers and peaceful naps now.

As I'm also proud of all our military, after all they are our, brothers, sisters, husbands,wives,uncles, aunts,friends and neighbors we are all family after all. God Bless