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If you look in the english dictionary under WAIT you will find:

The definition of a Military Wife, Girlfirend, Fiance::::


wait Definition

wait (wāt)

intransitive verb

  1. to stay in a place or remain in readiness or in anticipation (until something expected happens or for someone to arrive or catch up)
  2. to be ready or at hand (dinner was waiting for them )
  3. to remain temporarily undone or neglected


vickigarcia vickigarcia
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5 Responses Feb 10, 2009

so true.


LOL! Nice.

That is a good one and waiting is def. a part of the relationship. I am not with my guy anymore but completly know what you ladies are saying. He is 15 years in the service.

temporarily undone or neglected... hahaha i like that...<br />
i feel permanently undone, but not neglected. not intentionally neglected anyway.