They Lost His Flippin Paper Work...

"They" lost his leave papers. We've already had to bump back his leave because of beurocractic idiocy and we've been hit with it again.. grr. If we have to push his mid tour back much further he'll be home already... I'm about ready to tell him to save his leave...

Ya see his mid tour as he requested it is in april. he comes home in August. So by the time he gets back to korea it'll be may which means he's only got 3 months over there. It seems like a tease..


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5 Responses Feb 12, 2009

GO ARMY! HOOAH! Never did we ever count on any date till he was almost on the plane!!!! Why do they do that? Because it's the Army and they can! RRRRR How frustating is that! Anyhow, take what you can get....never know what's gonna happen next!

I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

Matt and i talked about it. I made sure he wanted to come home and he said yes. But we both decided that if they push his mid-tour back to May that he will not come home. It would be too short of time between his mid-tour and finishing his tour (2 months). We decided that if it was pushed back to May then we'll just take a long PCS. :) Thank you for the comments! Bless.

It is totally worth it for him to still come home.... :) Ty came home in January and he doesn't have too much longer on his deployment, but getting those two weeks with him was like spending a year at a spa just hanging out with him and getting to know him again. It was almost like the last seven months of him being gone had not happened. AND, it is making this time waiting for him not as bad. I have heard from some wives that saying goodbye at leave is way harder than the first goodbye, but it was not like that for us. We just kept thinking of how much we had been able to get through together and how we were on that final stretch now. SO, it has made this whole ordeal completely worth it!!!! I hope they find his papers and stop screwing you guys around!!!!! Let me now if you need anything:)

Thats forces life for us. I hate it when stuff like that happens. lucky enough its only happend to us a few times.x