Holidays and Special Days Have Become Normal Every Other Days

since my husband has been gone I have not celebrated any holidays everyday is normal to me the only thing I look foward to is the day coming to an end because of coarse that means one day closer to him coming home other then that my attitude has become a whatever just another day attitude nothing is the same anymore my husband asked me what can I do to make you happy today I told him come back to me safe! I dont know if its wrong of me not to celebrate holidays but part of me feels guilty if I do and the other part just doesnt want I dont know anymore

armywife26 armywife26
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3 Responses Feb 15, 2009

I understand what you mean thanks. Maybe if its okay with you Ill take your idea and celebrate all the holidays hes missed to =]

I've been living with my mom during this tour and when some holiday comes around i head out with her to the family celebration. Realizing i prolly won't get many more chances to spend holiday's with them i'm trying to make the most of it. I am sad when we're celebrating and all my aunts and uncles are there with their husbands. Seeing grandma and grandpa together (an army wife and soldier from a long time ago.) really gets to me. But i've decided that when he comes home we're having a merry-birthday-Christmas-giving-newyears-valentines-Halloween-saint-July-day party. There will be a Christmas tree and birthday presents, heart candies, sparklers ect. I am one for making up for lost time and i intend to. So knowing that i will be able to make it up to him makes me more able to enjoy the holidays and my family. <br><br />

AAAWWWW sweetie, we all feel that way! Gulity, and not givin a damn, because our men aren't here! BUT we would celebrate IF they were right???? We got to remember that they feel the same way, SO celebrate a bit for the both of you, and remember that he is coming home and there will be plenty more holidays that we will have to go through without them, BUT think about all the holidays and special occassions that we will HAVE WITH THEM! All in good time dear!<br />
You know I'm here if you need me!<br />