Not Quite Yet But Soon to Be Army Wife!

Me and my soldier are getting married asap! We graduated from high school together and we went our seperate ways, then he went to the army and he was in town on his block leave for xmas, and we met up again and fell head over heals in love! He is perfect for me in everyway! But I am very new to all this, and how, when, and what to say. There is so much to learn, and seemingly so little time before he deploys to Iraq. I just want to make what little time we will have to spend together as newlyweds before he leaves as special and meaningful as possible. So that we both have fond memories to hold on to while he's away, especially him. Because I know that where he is going it will not be pleasant, and I want to give him hope, love, and never ending support! What kinds of things should I do, or say? Please, if you have any suggestions just let me know, thank you!

Melissa Erikson

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2 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Your on the right track. You've got the right mind set. CONGRATZ! The words will come to you when you need to say the right thing. All i can tell you is what i do. When something comes up that i don't know how to handle i ask to have some time to think and then go and think about it and i don't respond until i know exactly what i want to say. I make sure that what i say is not hurtful. I makes sure it is supportive for him. and finally i make sure that the end result of my statement makes him feel good about being in the army. Alot of what happens in the army sucks but the pride i get from being a apart of the greatest army in the world more then makes up for it for me. Being separated for most of the time sucks but something that the civi's don't get is the homecoming feeling. The feeling of seeing your soldier for the first time in a long time is the best feeling that i have ever had. and that feeling more then makes up for the time spent apart. get ready its an awesome ride. <br />

Melissa, number 1, BREATH! LOL! You will be fine, and whatever it is you 2 do, he will hang onto as a fond memory! As far as what to say and what to do, there is NO handbook for this sweetie, it's a day by day thing. Just let him kow how much you love him, and you will be here no matter what to support him! You came to the right place for "support" and advice AND shoulders to cry on and lean on! Welcome! HOOAH!