Didnt Know It Would Be This Hard

I am 20 years old. Meet my husband through a friend and it was love at first sight. We got married in Dec. of 08. And i couldnt be happier. He decided to go active and just left for basic trainning on Feb. 2, I knew it would be hard but not this hard. I love him with all my heart and would never even think to leave him just because he is gone. But I would love to know of some ways to deal with the pain.

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4 Responses Feb 16, 2009

I have only been married a short time, but I know how it feels to miss ur man. It is a rollar coaster ride, but u will laugh and cry together. It takes a strong person to do what we all do, but it pays out big. When he comes home to you it will be kind of like falling in love all over again. After being away from my guy for almost 10 months he came to be with me on leave. We had been fussing with eachother because we couldnt stand to be apart, but when I picked him up and took him back home with me all I could think about was how foolish our fight was. We couldnt be happier now, and when he deploys I know I will be proud through the hurt. Just as everyone said let him know you miss him they love to hear it, keep yourself busy, and remember it is not permenant you will be in eachothers arms again.

Agreed, keep busy. Set some goals you want to accomplish while he is gone. Focus on those for the majority of the day. Let him know you miss him and love him. and also let him know your proud of him. They need to know that too. If you need to talk i'm always on here. <br />

armywife26 hit it dead on! {{love ya girl}} It is hard, But that what makes us so strong sweetie, not everyone can do this! My hubby and I just got married Dec. 08 too, on his R&R from deployment in Aghanistan...<br />
You have good days and bad days. Stay busy, let him know you miss him, and reach out whenever you need to! EP and this group of ladies right here are terrific! We understand!!!! Don't hesitate to call on me. ...whenever!

Hun believe I know how hard it is Im an army wife as well and I went through the basic (well his was osut 4months straight) and now hes deployed. what you can do is keep yourself occupied and think positive the time will go by quick write to him as much as possible ( i wrote my husband everyday literally)and being here in EP is good to Im not gonna lie its hard as hell being without the one you love but you will be ok and if you need anything Im here for you =]