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Well, as my title line states, I am the wife of a Blackhawk Crew Chief. We have been married for 4 years and together for 8 yrs. He has been in TN Nat'l Guard for 22 Years.

What do I say to a bunch of Army Wives? I am proud of my husband, not only for this deployment, but the one in 2004 also. And for all of the search and rescue that he does...and don't forget the "peace Keeping" missions to third world countries to help watch over items such as wood. Crazy but true. He had to fly over wood so that it would not be stolen until the orphanage could be, yes, I am proud. you just break down becuase you hear a song on the radio? That you try and stay busy so your not thinking about everything and anything all the time?  You cry cause he hasnt called and then he calls at 3:00 a.m. and you want to talk but your brian is mush and after a few minutes and several 'I love You's" you hang up and remember that you wanted to let him know about something you knew he would enjoy but you were too tired and couldnt remember what it you cry again. You cry cause he didnt call on your birthday,anniversary,childs birthday always say..." Its ok... I understand" but sometimes inside you are screaming... " I JUST WANT MY HUSBAND HOME"


So, what can I say to you that you dont already know,feel??? Not sure, but at least as you read this and shake your head in know you are not alone...and you learn to: Write important stuff down and leave beside phone..carry cell phone with you at all times..never (or at least try) not to hang up mad...and one day...he will be home.


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Three doors down is ALWAYS out of the question! I can barely listen to them when he IS around !

Preach it sister!! Your awesome and completely understand everything you said. My hubby is in Korea serving the same tour that my grandpa and dad served. You'd think in that time they could have come up with a shorter less crappy tour. and i forget things in normal life really easily but when he calls its amazing if i remember to say anything. I am totally going to carry about an note book to write stuff down in. I've actually been wanting to do that for a few years but *i keep forgetting* lol. Anyway. Anytime you want to get something off your chest we're all here to read it and support you. :)<br><br />

YES YES YES AND YES! going throught the song hits, right down to a shirt I see another man wearing, leaves me crying and whining that I want my hubby home! I so very proud of him and what he is doing, don't get me wrong!<br />
This is a great group of ladies here, we share and complain and cry and laugh together! It makes this a tad bit easier! Anytime you need to vent!

To this moment in time there are two songs I have to turn off when they hit the radio waves and that is that 3doorsdown song and that country song that goes "I am allready there take a look around" ugh I would just sob in the car while driving witch is really uncool I know. But I get the crying thing too. If you need to chat IM me. :)