Hello all---first and for most, i want to praise all you woman who are going through a deployment or who have gone through it already.I am a new wife{7months into it} and, i really do enjoy the army life except that im a bit lonely at times because my husband is currently deployed.I knew that living the "army life" wasnt going to be easy..I miss my hubby very much.We talk almost everyday and that helps me alot.Im looking forward in seeing him for R&R,sometime in Dec. but then, he has to go back of course. :( 

I sometimes find myself very mad at everyone and everything,FOR NO REASON AT ALL.--Does any have these days?? Some days, its hard for me to even get out of bed. I wake up and i stare up at the ceiling wondering what my hubby would be doing at that moment. I really cant wait for him to get back~!!!

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I get mad at my husband all the time for putting me thru this..just gotta learn to enjoy my family and friends and appreciate when i do hear from him instead of getting mad..any suggestions??

I am a new Army wife as well and my husband is being deployed later this month. I love him a lot and I know i will miss him like crazy but I also know he will be ok and I know that I will be ok. It is just hard knowing that I will be missing him so much and I will be sad a lot. I am really glad we do not have kids yet because i would not want them to see me be an emotional wreck.

somedays you're just mad for no reason. i've been there too. those two weeks of r & r will get you through the rest of the deployment. take a deep breath and know he's thinking of you too. waking up alone is hard, and you have no one to help you sleep at night. we've all had those days. hang in there.

hang in there i know how you feel. i have days were i'm just mad at the whole world or i dont want to get out of bed and other days i'm happy and feeling proud. its hard when your so used to them being with you and you settle down for the night and there is no one to cuddle up to and help you sleep.