Young Love

hello i am 19 years old i got married when i was 18 not even finished with high school. My husband and i have no kids which is a very touchy situation and i am still having a hard time with it. He is at Ft.Gordon GA still in A.I.T and his is 39 weeks long and now pushed back to even longer

Its really hard for me right now being so use to him bein right there and im sure u all can agree.Its also hard because not even 2 weeks after we got married he shipped out.

I miss him so much which is another thing im sure u all can agree with but other militay wifes would be great for support because where i live we dont have a px we dont military support groups that i can find so i would like to be able to chat with others and get to know some

thank you,

Joselyne Ray


JoselyneRay JoselyneRay
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 20, 2009

Hey there. I'm always available to talk. Just message me!