HOOAH! That's Right I Am a Us Army Wife!


So I am not too sure what the future holds for the hubby and I. But I am sure that I am not about to give up. I AM A UNITED STATES ARMY WIFE, damnit, WE DON'T GIVE UP!!!!

I have recieved some AWESOME advice {{thank you ladies}} and I am going to and are acting upon a combination of all it!

I even asked for advice from some wonderful retired Vets that were at the hotel last night. These men agree that he DOES love me, BUT doesn't KNOW HOW to while he is over there. Thus it is easier for him"NOT" to until he gets home! I was told that "WAR NOT ONLY DOES CRAZY THINGS TO A SOLDIER'S MIND BUT TO HIS HEART AS WELL"

Very well put, I must say. This came from a retired Staff Sgt, that had seen it all, including himself falling for a girl, that he told he didn't love, only to come home from Korea and marry her anyway! AAAWWWWWW!!!!

So ladies, {{ love this quote too, thanks eleven11 still getting the T-shirt! LOL!}} I AM PULLING MYSELF BY MY OVERIES AND GONNA WOMAN THE **** UP!

No more crying, wondering, asking a million question in my own mind.... {{ I do enough of that just missing him}} I am going to continue to send my silly messages, care packages and prayers to my husband. I am going to stand strong and wait for him to come home so he CAN love me!!!

With every word of advice, and others that have gone through such simiular situations, I feel confident that we will work through this, it's just going to take a little bit of time and understanding!


All I ask of ALL of you is to remind me of how head strong I am at this moment if I start to fall off the wagon! It's all of your strength that keeps me strong and going!!!!

                                           HOOAH LADIES AND THANK YOU!



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ABNGAL, thanks for the compliments, and of course you can use it! But Vicki, I didn't mean for you to print out my post-I meant print out yours. Because in the end it is the voice of strength from within ourselves that we need to remember to listen to. And when you're scared or hurting and can't access that voice in the moment going back and reading your own strength in your own words can really help!<br><br />
Hope today was a good day!!! =)

Eleven11- missed ya, Girl!!!<br />
<br />
You are always so full of wonderful wisdom. I will also print this out for myself, and if it's ok with you, for "Voices Of The Silent Ranks" It's profound for women who have to adjust to this new life, and hearing comforting explanations from very experienced military people is priceless.<br />
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Glad to have you back~

Bless, I love it. x

I am glad to read this from you. :) Frogs2010

Oh honey pie! First let me say I am SO sorry I have been absentee in all that has been going on for you lately! It's been kinda rough on my end too... He's getting ready to come home, and the last month he has completely flipped the script on me and I have had a HELL of a time trying to figure out exactly who he is, and where the man I fell in love with went!!!<br />
<br />
In trying to figure that out I have also searched out some serious advice from family friends, and even random soldiers I've passed in the hallway of my apartment building-no really, lol!<br />
<br />
From a very close friend I heard: "Just be patient with him, because if you freak out he isn't going to know how to deal with it now. He deserves your patience and this relationship deserves your patience."<br />
<br />
From her boyfriend (who has 15+ years in the Army) I heard: "Kick back, you have no idea the amount of stress he's going through right now! In a year this one month won't mean anything, just stick it out and know that it will pass. As long as he knows you are there when he needs you to be, and when he's ready to come to you, then you have done all that you can do."<br />
<br />
From another very close friend's husband (Who has 15+ years in the Navy and completed a tour of duty in Iraq one year ago) I heard: "Let it go, let it all go. he can't explain it to you right now because he doesn't understand it himself, so just let it go until he's ready to start trying to figure it all out together."<br />
<br />
From the Staff Sergeant (Who has 30 years in the Army, and who I had an hour long conversation with in my building's laundry room, lol!) I heard: Countless stories of all the different and sometimes crazy ways soldiers have dealt and coped with deployment...and I heard about some of the ways some soldiers haven't dealt and coped with it. What I learned from her is that it is a very wide range of what qualifies as a "normal" reaction to an experience as F****D up as war!<br />
<br />
I applaud you for the strength you're exhibiting here, and I say print this post out...keep a copy in your purse, on your bathroom mirror, and next to your bed. Read it when you struggle and come here whenever, we will all be here for you, wives and girlfriends alike! ; )<br />
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Head up honey!

Wow-your comments make me proud of who I am and what we, as army wives, stand for. We put up with so much for our men and our lives and none of us would change our choices for anything. Keep your "get pissed and deal" attitude and stay strong for the man you love-he loves you back and will love you more for being so understanding right now! <br />
**** the show-this is what a real army wife is! HOOOAH!

Hey girl!! I'm so proud of you! Dont ever lose focus on the things that mean the most you. Do what you got to do even if it means working hard (a little work never hurt anyone =) ) I have faith that everything will turn out right. My prayers, hopes, and love are with you!! Keep your head up, stay strong cause we are UNITED STATES ARMY WIVES!!

Hey, Girl!<br />
<br />
I may not ever graduate to the "Wife" status apparently, but I'm psyched to read that new fire you've got! I'm glad you're feeling better today, and that those cutie vets were where they were supposed to be just when you needed some good advice.<br />
<br />
Stay tough; it's inspiring!<br />
<br />
L,<br />