30 Day Reintegration Event

My husband and I just went to his 30 day reintegration event this past weekend.  His brigaide held this event (along with a 60 day event next month) for all the soldiers and their families after returning home from Afghanistan. 

The event gave us a ton of information about programs that are available to us and to him.  I definitely suggest this overnight for all wives if it is offered to you and your soldier upon his return from deployment.  It gave me a chance to meet the guys he was deployed with and their wives and gave my husband and I a night at a 5 star hotel together on the Army.

I can't wait for the 60 day event to see everyone again and make some plans for get togethers this summer.

kielsforever kielsforever
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1 Response Feb 22, 2009

awesome support channel. I will remember your recommendation!!