Surviving Our 2nd Deployment

My husband and i have been together since June 2005 and he just left in December to serve our 2nd deployment. and I'm having a really hard time. We are currently stationed in Germany and i will be here the whole deployment. I have no one to go to in the states or anything. I had 1 friend here and she just left 2 days ago to go back to the states to have her baby and for the deployment. We have been through a deployment before so i never thought it could be this bad. Last time my husband was deployed we were Engaged and we had never slept together or had the opportunity to go to sleep together or wake up to each other or anything. He was my high school  and he left a month after we got together for the army. We got married in Dec. 2007 and i moved to Germany in April 08. I feel like my sanity is slipping away. i was 16 when we got together so it has always been tough for us cause he came to Germany in November 05. But i feel as if i am a million times more in love with him then before. I feel like everything i have is slipping away from me. My best friend is in Iraq again. And i am more depressed than i ever thought possible. I don't know what to do. I don't really wanna get on any Depression meds but I'm starting to think i have no choice. My husband doesn't really want me to cause of the side effects and my family has had problems with them before. I feel like i have no friends here and i feel so lonely. I never leave my house unless its to take the dog out or to get food if I'm all out. My house is a mess cause i feel like i have no energy. All i do is sleep and watch TV. I feel like I'm abandoning my animals cause i don't want to play with them or pet them or anything. I hate this. Someone please give me advice on what to do to help me through this. He wont be back until Dec sometime

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You should talk to your primary care doctor about how your feeling. They can help you. Don't be afraid to seek help. and if you don't want to take meds to feel better tell your Doc that and he/she will refer you to a psychologist who can help you talk through your depression. :) drop me a line if you want to talk.

HI, My husband went to iraq when i was pregnant...he miss my whole pregncey but he didnt miss the day of my first girl born...I understand how depressed feel can get and how feel to be lonely...I keep my head up and think positive side and pray for him while he was in iraq...If u need a chat or anything...let me know..Ill do my best to help you.