We haven't been married long not even a year yet but it has been a tough one. he has been gone on deployment for quite awhile (during a good amount of our marriage) and it feels like centuries. its hard. i wish he was home thats all i ever want; no one in my life understands the pain of being separated from him. they all say "well he is going to come home eventually". that doesn't matter its the heart break of someone taking your other half away the only half that keeps the smile on your face. The half that wipes your tears when you cry and makes you smile once you stop crying. I know i have to be strong and pretend to not be unhappy when i hear from him and it hurts to hear his voice because then all my heart yearns for is his arms around me. i sit around at home waiting for calls that i don't always get. i know its better to get outside and take your mind off things but the moment i try to go somewhere i always miss a call from him and it breaks my heart. i know i need to be strong for him but its hard; he is probably having an even worse time then me but its hard not to break down and cry whenever i do receive a call. its unfair i feel like he has been ripped away from me and i can't do anything about it. i just have to wait until he comes home but its already forever. I feel so much anger for him leaving (not towards him just towards the world in general). like I'm jealous why is my husband gone and i see women who don't even bother to spend time with theirs when all i want is to spend time with him.
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1 Response Aug 15, 2014

I know the feeling my husband was gone to Korea for a whole year. I got to talk to him, but I know how hard it is to not be able to be right next to that person. It's very hard. I wish you luck on staying sane and holding down the fort.