Share Your Stories of Deployment In My Book I have an amazing opportunity, and all you have to do is go vote for me... please! Simply click the ‘Pict’ button next to my idea. I know that there are always contests like these, and thousands of entries, but someone does win them. and I am ranked number 19 right now out of more than 1,000.  I’d like to do this project anyway, but it sure would be easier with this contest. Please take a few moments of your time and go vote for my project. The 1st place idea right now only has about 350 votes, please help me to top it,   Thank you so much, I sincerely appreciate it, and promise to make you proud! I’d like to do a photo documentary that would tell the stories of soldiers deployed, and loved ones awaiting their return. It’d be a 4 part series, the 1st about the families & soldiers deployed, 2nd telling the stories of wounded soldiers & vets, the 3rd a collection of memoirs for soldiers who were KIA, and finally a first hand account of the military during deployment. Sales from the books benefit soldiers and their familes.   I'm also posting it here not only for your support in voting but because I would like to start building a base of families and soldiers to include in the book, so if you dont mind having your family photographed and your story being included in a book, please drop me a line!
JessicaLark JessicaLark
26-30, F
Mar 6, 2009