Hes My Heart

Its 3 months now and we have many more to come before this deployment is over, 5 months before R&R and I feel like I'm going crazy I miss him so much it hurts my heart literally feels like its breaking everyday and every breath I take seems to get shorter as the days pass. Sometimes I don't know if I can keep going but I love him with all my heart that I do it I keep going.

Now don't get it twisted He is my heart and I don't think I could survive without him, I just don't know if my heart can take more pain. My mind fills up with so many what ifs and it scares me but i do try to stay strong and be the support system he needs I could only imagine how hard things must be for him I guess I just really want him to be with me when I speak to my husband it just breaks my heart that I cant be with him.


I just need GOD to give me a little strength to take one more deep breath and keep moving 

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3 Responses Mar 7, 2009

Yeah I'm trying to think positive, I hope it gets easier.<br />
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I look into getting the book where did you find it ? Thanks for the advice =]

Thank you I know your here I appreciate it ( I'm here for you to)<br />
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I'm trying to stay strong and look forward to the future but you know there are times where you just cant breath that's how I feel and I love him so much that it hurts like Hell

GIRL! You are going to make it through this! I know it doesn't feel like it right now, and it seems soooooooo far away from seeing him! But it will come around as fast as he left in the first place! Get up, go out, redecorate the bedroom for when he comes homes.....put the strength in what you feel is taking it out of you! I know you miss him with every fiber of your being.....it's ok! I'M HERE FOR YA!