What Do You Say?

What do you say when people ask you,"Isn't it hard being away from your husband?"  I tell them my husband says he didn't join the boyscouts.  Point being we knew this would be hard.  BUT far away or close, we do it together. 

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I am new to the site, but my husband is also in Afghan, and I am constantly being asked..."Has he had to kill anyone?" I want to say really??!! I also get asked a ton of stupid questions. Glad to know I'm not alone

HOOAH GIRL!!!!!! You got it! I listed a bunch of STUPID questions that people tend to ask A LOT! My hubby is also in AFGH. The one I here a lot is, well at least he isn't in Iraq! WHAT DIFFERENCE does it make! Look at my posting about questions military wives hate to hear! It'll give you a chuckle because all of them are so true,,,,,there are answers that follow too! STAY STRONG!

exactly! of course its hard - that is like the stupidest question in the world. that would be like asking a soldier is afghanistan fun