i am  a new army wife. my husband actually is going to meps next week. he was in the marines way before we got together. i am so used to him being here and i know that once he goes to basic that is only the begining. i am 28 and its seems really hard to change my life. i guess its because none of my friends understand. i am open to any suggestions to help me deal with the transformation.

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2 Responses Mar 8, 2009

hey girl. all i can really say is to prepare yourself emotionally for him being gone. its gonna be really hard at first when he is in basic but what i did to get through it was write a letter, EVERYDAY about anything and everything. it made me feel so much better, almost like i was talking to him. he saved all of our letters to each other from basic and sometimes if i come across them i will read them. like vicki said, it will make you stronger. my husband just got from being deployed, and i will tell you i am so proud of myself because i made it through and i was strong and brave. i tried to face each day with a positive outlook and thats really all you can do or else you will just drive yourself crazy

Take it ALL, day by day! I'm a neebie at 35 years old....My hubby and I just got married in December 08, and he is currently deployed. This is a whole new way of life, and I am NOT going to lie to you, it's HARD....but it does make you STRONGER.....<br />
WE all UNDERSTAND here! Any questions, or concerns or just plain out venting or crying you need to do, we will be here for you!<br />