It's Not Like the Show.

I am 21, and I am an Army Wife. I have been through one fifteen month deployment, three field problems, one two week round at WLC, I am the secretary of my FRG, and a POC, so I get to stay in the loop. I am your average Army Wife. Except I'm not as psyched about everything as some people. We live on post, and it sucks. We are always broke, and that sucks too. I don't recognize the man that came home from Iraq, and that kills me. He's not the same, and may never be. I often contemplate what it would be like to get divorced. To never have to do another deployment, argument, or countdown. We don't have children, because I can't have any. Every time I make a friend, they move away, and everytime they move away, I remember that I'm stuck in GEORGIA for 5 more years. Ick. I'm so tired of my "female doctor" wearing ACU's. I'm tired of that tarty little 18 year old kid pulling me over because I'm going five over on post. All in all, I'm just tired. Army life can do that to ya. That's my rant.
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sometimes you gotta understand what soldiers been through once they are deployed. help him, asked him what's wrong if he needs help help him.sometimes i tell my husband that i'll be always by his side and told him one day he will open up what really happened during his deployment. i had so many veterans patients and told me their story about being a soldier...

I think we have all thought that at least once aleady, why am I doing this? I am so sorry to hear that your husband is not the same man, Deployment does that to our soldiers, and THAT really SUCKS! I hope that everything works out for you! Keep us updated and remember we are here for ya!

girl i hear you! sometimes i get so sick and tired of army bs :/ i am sorry yourself husband is not the same. that is always a big fear of mine. i hope everything works out the way its supposed to for you.