JUST Venting...:)

Ok, I am not trying to hurt anyone's feelings or step on anyone's toes or make anyone mad, I promise.  I just need to vent for a second...  I live on post and I absolutely LOVE it.  My husband is deployed and he is doing fine, but of course I miss him terribly.  I am extremely grateful for all of the sacrifices made by all of the soldiers and family members and I am always happy when any of them get to come home:)  With that said, I was SUPER SUPER pissed off today when I got home from work.  A unit has been redeploying near my house.  It has been really ice to see all of the flags and welcome home signs and such.  Definitely induced a tinge of jealousy because it is not my husband that is being welcomed home, but definitely happy for those ladies who get their husbands home.  This particular unit has gone all out for the redeployment ceremonies, complete with jumbotrons and such.  Well, I was coming home from a hectic day of teaching soldiers' kids (freshmen in high school...) and all I wanted to do was get back to my house.  I drove on post into the gate nearest to my house and ALL access to my house was blocked off.  I was told that within 30 minutes, the buses of soldiers would be coming on post with a police escort.  All I needed to get home was cross the street they had blocked off.  Not even drive DOWN the street, just cross it!  Well, the JERK of a soldier that was blocking one of the side streets I was trying to cross told me that I would have to wait 30 minutes.....  I was SO FREAKING MAD!!!!!  Especially because I know of units whose buses get here without an escort and the soldiers get dropped off and reunited with their families without a big hoopla...  Anyway, I know these soldiers deserve a big giant welcome home.  I am not arguing that fact.  But EVERY soldier's family is making a sacrifice...  I just wanted to go home.  My husband is still gone, so it was SO irritating.  After writing this, I know it is not that big of a deal, but I was still really PISSED!!!  And I just needed to vent:)  Thanks for listening!  :)  

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Im sorry that u had to wait, u teach fresh-meat. u should have been allowed to cross....Eeep. Just kick back and enjoy urself

I get what your saying and I am ok with it :) You just got an insiders point of view on being an SF spouse. they deploy more often and come home often to no hoopla. No signs No bl<x>inky Billboards, no ribbons, well some ribbons I gave in. (it's is frowned apon) It's so depressing. But I understand what your saying. I was so happy when we left those units. I wanted to dance in the streets. I would also like to say "GIRL YOU TEACH FRESHMEN BRAVO!" So your pretty and brave! LOL :)

everyone needs a good vent ever' so often. it's better than exploding into a million tiny sobbing pieces. :)