So Sad

My husband was deployed only 3 months after getting to the 1st duty station right out of AIT. It has only been 3 months and they have already given him R and R. Don't get me wrong I will take every chance I get. He went back recently and I think about the fact that there is still 8 months left. I feel so down and I feel like I have nothing here. This is the first deploment and we have only been living the army life for 8 or so months.

Does it ever get better?

88mikearmywife 88mikearmywife
2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

I may can shed a little light on the early R&R. My husbands unit deployed in Aug a guys started home for R&R in Oct. simply because they have so many guys to get through R&R, not to mention the in betweens of ones who have emergencies. I am sure he didn't volunteer to go early most prefer to go later in the deployment. It depends on the circumstances, and if he in in a big unit they have to get everyone done before a certain time or it is to late . Keep your head up!!!

You get better at it. But like i tell civis "it sucks just as much as the first day." You just have to find the one thing that makes it all worth while. i think you'll find saying good bye sucks and the deployment sucks. but the home coming is like nothing else. the home coming is the one thing that i have that makes it all worth while.