Cant Wait to See My Babe Again

when i met my bf of 2 yr now i alway knew his dream was to be in the military. And for a while i thought maybe he isnt planning to get into that type of life style anymore . Boy was i wrong .. he didnt tell me until he had already met with his recruiter . i was soo mad at him, because i needed him to be there i needed his love and thought i still do, im just sticking behind him being as strong as i can be because i know its the best thing i can do for the both of us to get through this. he is in basic training now and ill be able to go to G.A. where he is training for a 36 hour pass to see him on sept 14 and 15.  im counting down the days . but for now im just glad to get lots of letters . his going to be stations in Fort Drums and when i did the research on the base i was so sad to find out it was the most deployed base in the whole U.S. Army i couldnt stop crying . his mom is a big help and im greatful to have my families love and support. but i wish he was here. i would give anything. and i pray that god protects him and the war would finial end.

ForeverAndEver ForeverAndEver
18-21, F
Aug 16, 2007