I Am An Army Mom Asking Army Wives For Some Help

My son is stationed at Fort Sam Houston, San Antionio TX along with his soon to be wife. They are expecting their first child. My son with be deployed this summer. What advise can I give to her about getting familiar with the community ?  I will encourage her to  visit the US Army Wife site. A few questions that I have are, is there a calendar of events see can view for Fort Sam Houston such as  Support Group Meetings she can attended ?I suggested they get on a list for Base Housing, but untill then lets say she has car trouble or

locks herself out of the house, can she call a towing service or locksmith on base ?

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I live on post in FT. Drum NY, and no I'm not a slutty drama queeen "like the show Army wives". The houses available in this area were just not as good as they are on post. We wanted to get the best we could for our BAH (without buying). For us the best was on post. Everything is so close and I feel safe here. I love it. <br />
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You shouldn't depend on too many outside sources to help your son and future daughter-in-law. Yes FRG's are supposed to be this and that, but not every FRG is the same. I hope your daughter-in-law is luckier than I was and has a great FRG. They aren't all helpful. Tell your son to ask about REAR D. (If he doesn't already know what it is.) I didn't have a good Rear D either (I'm sooo unlucky) but they are guys that stay behind to help the wives with emergencies such as the ones that you are concerned about. I'm not 100% percent sure what they do because my Rear D only called me once during my husband's 15 month deployment. I didn't even know someone was supposed to be watching out for me until my husband was 12 months in and was getting extended. He asked me if Rear D had been calling me. I didn't know what he was talking about. I wish your son and daughter-in-law the best and hope that they have a better experience than I did during deployment. Good luck.

Your son should probably have already provided her information to his FRG. There are important things that are already happening related to your son's deployment that she should be a part of. Some of it might be for official dependents or whatever, but there are many predeployment events that are designed to prepare the family. It would also be a great way for her to meet people. As far as living on post, it really depends on the family's personality. Personally, my husband and I lived off post for the first 6 month of our marriage, then moved on post. I did not really like living off post because I felt it lacked a sense of community. When we moved on post, we were close to resources on post (gym, commissary, hubby's work, meetings, etc) and I was able to meet more people. Since my husband's deployment, I have never once felt unsafe and usually feel pretty close to people. The MPs drive through my neighborhood regularly and it is nice to know that everyone around me is going through something similar. We went through NTC while living off post, and I felt particularly isolated- more than I have during the entire deployment living on post. With that said, San Antonio is a wonderful city!!! I went to college there so I personally would probably live off post because I am familiar with the area. Most posts are not in a big city, so you are much more limited... The right or wrong choice depends on what they want:) San Antonio is going to be a much different experience than what they will have at other posts down the road. Let me know if you have any questions!! :)

She needs to register with the local FRG. {{Family Readiness Group}}. they post calenders with events for your soldiers unit. You yourself can register too! <br />
Also, she may want to join this site, great group of ladies here, and If one of us doesn't have an answer, another one will, OR we will all find out together. It helps to talk to folks that UNDERSTAND.....

I am from san antonio and love it there!! I miss it there, its home. There is someone on base that can help her if she needs anything, we live in military housing not there but when we signed our lease they gave us a card and stuff letting us know everything that we needed. Like if i broke down close to home while my husband is deployed then they will come get me and ect, All she has to do is ask one person and i am sure that she will get in contact with the right person. have her get in touch with her local FRG and im sure they too can answer any questions that she has!! tell her that i envy her for being in san antonio, i miss it soo much!!

I would tell her to live off base. But that is just my thoughts. Some people love it. But then most of the people that love it are the people that are like the show Army wives and that is in any branch.. Tell her to check out the site truemilitarywivesconfessions.ning.com/ <br />
Thats a great place to meet other women and have a support network. x