I Get Angry

I haven't talked to my husband in days. He wrote me an email saying sorry we haven't got to talk for a couple days...it's been a week. I know some people don't get to talk to their soldier very much at all and I am thankful that he can call...and I know he is very busy and it's not his fault. I don't get angry at him...but I just get so angry that this is happening and we are going through this. My family and friends can tell when I haven't heard from him in awhile and yesterday I was in a really bad mood. I had a really bad weekend and it was so nice this weekend. You can finally tell that Spring is coming and I just sat inside, by my computer, and by my phone. Nothing...and I just get angry. Is there ever a time when it's gets a little easier and you get used to it? I hope so...I just can't wait for this to be over because I miss him so much. I want time to go by a little faster because I feel like it's crawling by.

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i would love to share with u my story. My husband is in Iraq. I would love to meet Army wives who can understand what i am going through. Please chat

The same thing happened to me on his first deployment!! sometimes 2 weeks would go buy and everyone would stay away, you just get to stressed not knowing. Now that his 2nd one is comming, and we are married this time, im scared about how emotional ill be we have a few weeks to go yet and i already have to try and hold back my feelings. I hope he calls you soon!!

Im sorry to hear all of that...it is completly understadable why you are getting angry we all do you kinda just want to go up to who ever is responsible for his leaving and kick them in the balls or at least I do!<br />
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I hate to say it girl but it doesnt get easier I wish i could tell you different! But hang in there! When he gets home you will forget about all this anger and hurt as soon as you see him so keep your chin up! You will make it through this alive and sane!