I Miss Him So Much....

My husband and I met when we were freshmen in high school. We were really good friends up until our senior year when all the sudden we realized we had deeper feelings for eachother. We were engaged after only 4 months.

He's been in Army for 2 years and words can't express how proud of him I am. I love my husband with all my heart. 2 days ago he left for his deployment to Qatar. I already miss him very very much. I'm a very proud army wife but I hate him bein so far away for so long. But I support him and all our troops and the sacrafices they all make... and I appreciate the sacrafices we make here back home.

I just miss him sooo much. He's in the reserves so I don't live on or by a base where there's other women who understand. I have friends who I've known since 3rd grade but they're all single and have no idea what it's like being married or being seperated from your spouse for extended periods of time. I think it'd make it slightly easier bein able to talk to other women who understand.

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just wanted to say that i undertand what your going through the best thing ive heard so far from people back home was ive been through a long distances relationship hes a couple states away lol its hard and youll never stop missing him but it gets easier to deal ith it in time

I went home for the duration of my husbands deployment so I understand what you are going through. It makes you feel even more lonely. I would try to talk to my friends about missing my husband and all they would say is that they would be grateful to have some time away from their husbands. That I was lucky that way. Stupid huh? They don't understand what it's like to miss someone.

Oh yes you should get BAH (basic housing allowance) and separtion pay! Make sure his check shows it was paid out! If you have any more questons check out militaryonesource.com They love these questions and are waiting for you to ask! And you can ask the group here too! I know it is super hard for the National Gaurd girls to get info so don't be afaid to ask here! :)

Hi!! just wanted to say I know how you feel... I'm an army wife and my husbands deployed so if you need anything I'm here for you. Everything will be okay just stay strong and always think positive =]