My husband is at Fort Jackson going through AIT. I was aondering if anyone knows whether they get time off base for Easter since it's a religious holiday? Thanks to anyone that has an idea!

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my husband got christmas off when he was there a couple years ago ....but my sister is there now and it doesnt look good for easter ........ but it all depends on there mos and whos in charge of them

Soldiers get all federal holidays off unless they are deployed or their MOS requires a different shift system. If they want to travel out side of their allowed distance from the post they need to put in for leave. Usually the allowed radius is like 60 minutes. Since he is in AIT it really depends on his liberties that he is allowed at this time in his training. The best advice i can give is to ask your hubby if he is coming home for Easter. If you have any other questions or just want to talk i'm always around. :)