FT Campbell

HI, my name is kim. I am 20 years old, moved from NY/PA and now we are stationed at ft Campbell..Husband just got back from deployment in Jan, already has orders for next.


Found this site, and hope to make new friends!

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Hi! I'm one of the old ladies here.....My name is Vicki, hubby is deployed since August in Afghanistan, will be home in 2 months and 17 days! great site to be on! We all understand each other and this group of ladies are GREAT! We are stationed at Ft. Hood Texas...Here if you need to vent or bored or WHATEVER!

I am 20 and my husband is currently in fort hood texas, getting ready to go to iraq.. i will be living with him on base in alabama when he goes to flight school when he gets back...im just looking for other army wives to talk to

Im doing good, just trying to get over my cold...Ugh, Hows hawaii?? We put that down on our dream sheet not to long ago! Aww, how are you holding up??

hi kim im beth im 21 and my husband we are station in hawaii my hubby is currently deployed ...... how are you doing