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Hey everyone,

I just got some really sad news yesterday and it has been on my mind ever since I heard.  When I went to college, I was part of a very tight-knit department.  The international studies major was more of a family than a group of students.  I still keep in touch with many of my fellow students and professors.  I just learned that my mentor was killed in a car crash while doing some humanitarian work in Peru, along with his baby son.  His wife survived the car crash.  Dr. Wensjoe was so much more than my professor and thesis advisor.  He really acted like a wise uncle to all of his students and always pushed us to ask questions and act on what we truly believed to be right.  I have been talking to many of my friends from college this weekend, realizing what a huge impact this man had on so many lives.  Some students saw him as a father, some as a friend, some as a hero, some as an inspiration.  When international students did not have a family nearby for Thanksgiving dinner, you can bet they ended up at his house.  He was kind.  SCARY professor, but kind.  He offered to buy you coffee if you fell asleep in his class:)  Anyway, his passing has really made me look at how fragile life really is.  We are home waiting for our husbands to come home from a very dangerous situation, when in reality, it can happen to anyone.  I don't want to sound like Debbie-Downer and get everyone upset or anything, but it is SO important to cherish everyday we have on this earth and everyday our loved ones spend on this earth.  Don't go to bed angry...always say "I love you"....make sure those you love KNOW that you love them:)  I appreciate all of you:)

Thanks for listening!!  And please please keep Dr. Gustavo Wensjoe and his young son Julian and his wife Joanne in your prayers. 

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I agree with you. You never know when your time will come. My husband and I always say i love you before he leaves wether we are mad at each other or not. To me that is the most important thing if anything should happen to one of us at least the last thing we heard from each other was those three little words that makes your heart smile.

I am sorry for the loss of your professor, but your right. You really don't know when your time is, live each day to the fullest!