Engaged to An Army Soldier


I am happily engaged to an Army Soldier.  We got engaged in December of 2007.  We were suppose to have gotten married June 16, 2008 but, duty comes first.  He was stationed in Germany and his leave has been denied ever since.  He tried to come home for Christmas of 2008 but, his leave was denied.  He tried again this past February but his leave was denied.  Now he is in training to be deployed to Iraq.  I have only seen him 2 weeks in the past 15 months.   I miss him terribly. 

I knew what I was getting into and plus, being a former soldier, I understood that the Army slogan, mission first people always really wasn't a true slogan--the mission always comes first.  I am prepared to wait for how ever long it takes for him to come home to me.  He doesn't have anything to worry about regarding my not being able to handle it.  We've been apart for this long, a few more months won't make a difference.  We know what we have and for us, its what keeps us going.  I have told friends that it takes a strong person, a selfless person, to love a soldier because doing so often requires one to make great sacrifices. 

I will support him and ensure that he knows that his family loves him, misses him, and is very proud of the job that he is doing.  I feel blessed to have such a wonderful man who loves me unconditionally.  Not everyone can say that they have this in their lives.  He is my best friend and I love him dearly.


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1 Response Mar 22, 2009

Yes we have kids. We each have 3 from previous marriages but we view all the kids as ours. I know that you probably feel as though you will not be able to handle being here without him while you're pregnant but, you will get through it. We are fortunate to live in a time when technology is to a point where the world doesn't seem so big. Web cams, vonage phone boxes, email, and yes the good old US Postal service will make it seem as though our soldiers aren't so far away. I hope that you have family that you can turn to and rely on while you're pregnant. If not, you will get through this and you will look back on this time with a sense of wonder. Just know that with each day that passes, you get closer to the day when your soldier will be coming home to you.