Stay Strong They Say!!!

How long does a person have to stay strong? We dont have to be strong all the time, after all we are only human. You have a bad day or you just feel crappy just because. And those who are not part of the inner circle dont know what to say but "stay strong, it'll be over before you know it." Its a load of crap! It wont be over before you know it, Everyday they are gone is a tough day to get through. I dont have to be strong everyday, I dont have to plant a smile on my face everyday. I am entitled to feel down, I am entitled to cry, I am entitled NOT to be least for a little bit. I give up a lot to stand by my man. So for once please Dont say "STAY STRONG."  Instead say" Here's my shoulder you can cry if you want."

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"I give up a lot to stand by my man."<br />
AMEN to that! I think this goes unrecognized often. I gave up going to grad school, for the time being, to stand by my man. I will soon be giving up job security, and another dream of mine that pertains to my career so I can stand by my man. But we do it out of love and duty. <br />
Great story.

LOL thanks Frogs, appreciate it!

Your right it does hurt. Go pout if ya need to, just please don't let it rule your life! And remember if you don't have anything nice to say today, you can say it to me I will most likely agree with

Thanks guys!! The support here is unbelievable!!!

You can't be STRONG all the's impossible. WE ARE HUMAN TOO! If you don't have moments of weekness how are you going to know how to be strong in the 1st place!<br />
Cry all you need girl!<br />

Thanks, I was really just venting. lol but as you said it doesnt get easier it gets harder. Every time they come home you have reintroduce yourselves to one another all over again and just as u get a routine goin. BAM!! they are gone again. This is my husbands 4th deployment and it sucks just as bad if not as bad as the 1st.

i totally know what your saying. I have a friend who's husband is in the marine corps and he was recently deployed to Iraq. My friend's sister in-law, trying to get me to tell my friend that deployments get easier as times goes on says "oh your hubby has been deployed for a while hasn't he?"<br />
I completely shocked her when i said " ya but it still sucks just as much as the first day." I will not sugar coat it for her or any military spouse. We are not all so strong that eventually being separated gets easier. We are not so strong that we can speed up time and turn a year deployment into what seems like a weekend ski trip. I cringe when someone tells me "Oh steph your so strong. i don't know how you do it?" Because i'm not strong most days. Most days i can't force myself to fall asleep after taking 2 sleeping pills and turning every computer and T.V in the house off. Yes, we can be weak. We can most defiantly not know how to cope. So hang in there honey. I'll be here to give you as much support as i can when you need it. :-)