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Well I am married to a wonderful soldier who deployed to camp TQ in august for 15 months. We have 2 daughters ages 2 and 1. I am in school and I desperately miss him, but I make it. I stumbled on the site by accident. So Hi all
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Ok... so I just foudn out how to read my other comments and thanks for the compliments... I can be out there sometimes, but i'm ususally here. Lol

Wow two kids and in school how do u do it ... I difinity look up you now .. I am turning 19 in november and I am engaged to be married to my soldier most likly in october ... I was thinkin of kids but felt it would be hard and I kno it will but if u and a whole lot of other women can do it so can I ... I still might wait a while lol ... My finace might be deployed in april and I am scared but I gotta be strong for him we all have to for the brave men we have ... Have faith and god bless ..

hey girlie! I know what you mean about missing your husband. I miss my husband so much. it will definatley be a long hard 15 months but you will get thru it. If you ever need to vent or talk u can talk to me anytime. my husband just deployed to Iraq the other day for his second tour. just know that we are here for ya and if u need anything just ask. keep in touch. ttyl

Right now i'm in 2 online classes because the college didnt have many classes for me this term.